Publications in 2002

  • Health and Behavior

    10 December 2002 - Advice

    Eating less, keeping fit(exercising), no smoking, less drinking. These are all well known examples of advices for healthy living that, if they were followed, would lead to considerable health benefits. Read more >

  • Able to just live together.

    25 June 2002 - Advice

    Community care and community living are increasingly part of a major policy initiative for disabled people. Read more >

  • E-health in Sight

    25 April 2002 - Advice

    The Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport has asked the Council for its advice on current forms of and future developments in e-health, on the relevant threats and opportunities and on the measures to be taken by the government and prac-titioners in the field in order to exploit opportunities and re-duce threats. Read more >

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