Publications in 2006

  • Public health

    28 November 2006 - Advice

    What is the main issue here? The Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) wants the Netherlands to regain its former position as one of the five healthiest countries in Europe. Read more >

  • A health care consumers act

    9 November 2006 - Advice

    In the Netherlands’ new healthcare system, a great deal is expected of the (insured) patient: he or she is required to become a ‘care consumer’, making rational choices on the basis of comparative information, thus incentivising both care providers and health insurers to raise quality standards. Read more >

  • The labour market en the demand for care

    14 September 2006 - Advice

    The demand for care is growing: the number of people with dementia alone is set to rise from 175,000 in 2002 to 412,000 by 2050; the number of stroke patients is forecast to increase from 118,000 in 2000 to 152,000 by 2020. Read more >

  • Fair and sustainable care

    27 June 2006 - Advice

    At the end of June 2006, the report Zinnige en duurzame zorg (Sensible and Sustainable Care) was published, addressing issues such as which criteria should be applied in order to identify priorities for the funding of care from collective resources. Read more >

  • Sensible and sustainable care

    27 June 2006 - Advice

    The aging population and the continuous advance in technology are cause for concern about the sustainability of the collective healthcare system. Read more >

  • Placing trust in the doctor

    1 June 2006 - Advice

    Patients must be able to rely on the medical profession to provide them with independent and
    expert guidance.
    Arno Timmermans Read more >

  • Real estate management in the healthcare sector

    7 March 2006 - Advice

    Institutions in the healthcare sector - hospitals, institutes, nursing homes and care homes - run no risks in terms of their real estate policy and investment decisions. Read more >

  • People with an impairment in the Netherlands

    19 January 2006

    The Minister and Secretary of State for Health, Welfare and Sport put three questions to The Council for Public Health and Health Care (RVZ): Read more >

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